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Well, I'm 52 ( and my husband says I look 40), and now I'm starting my sixth year as a hotwife. It occurred to me to go to my story, reflecting back. We joined a nudist resort in Alabama nearly six years. He had to beg and ask you to do this because I was prudish about nudity. We were both virgins when they marry, and I was a bit ' surprised' lol. I was surprised by the opening of nudity in this complex. Cocks, tits, ass, pussy around the world.... all age groups ! lol. What they told us, he soon got used to that there was no bare and others began to notice differences in the size of the cocks. In one town, the boys have to stay soft or covered with a towel, but there was still a big difference! (My husband Lee was four inches of hard and soft, only one ) Most of the children were 2. 4 inches soft. My spirit was with my imagination to waver. This was 19 years old black workers. There are many blacks in the seasons, but he was an employee, but decidedJobs in the nude. Its soft soft tail hung about two inches and I could not take my eyes off of them. Lee took it and asked me if I would spend a night in bed with him. I said, ' yeah, right... like he wants a 47yo married woman. ' I was wrong! lol Finally, after three days, Lee went straight to the man and told him I thought it was hot. Damion Lee asked if any time with a black, and Lee told him what had never been with anyone else. Damion could not believe it and told me to come to our cabin that night. I'll try to describe. I have 52 now, 5ft2, 105, (yes, I know ninaporn this is small), stomach, 36B, flat and always pussy shaving. My hair is black and shoulders, and my eyes are green. Damion came to our cabin, and I had a drink or two ( maily because I have fear of death. ) It was so easy.... He took me to the bedroom after a few minutes of awkward conversation. Before I knew it was this wonderful man, nice 19yo fucks blackI saw Lee. I started running as fast as I got Damion seven great -inch model. I've never had a thick tail, or ninaporn one of any length or felt. After about ten minutes Damion began to spread and I realized that without a condom, but thanks to surgery could not get pregnant. It was at this time of night, that things took place a change. Lee had already cum while she stroked his cock and even more. Damion turned and looked at Lee and said, 'You want me to get hard again for your wife?' Lee turned to me and looked at me and before I knew it, Lee was playing with the tail Damion. Damion finally withdrew his hand and put his dick in the face of Lee. I saw ninaporn my husband to suck cock for the first time in his life. This was the real beginning of his horns. Damion took me twice that night and sucked it between shit Lee. In the morning I was in a dreamy haze. still see ninaporn Damion, but due to the distance does not come to him as often as I do ninaporn that isld like. He remains unique and cute as hell. A few years later I met Dennis (36), which had a six-inch penis, but it was too thick. Dennis is married and has to be careful and know that I want more and more. ninaporn though still Damion Dennis and about a month or so, my main guy is now Charles. Charles is now almost 51 years, married, white, with an eight inch super thick ninaporn cock, I'm not enough. It is also the dominant of the three. He decided he sentenced me to Lee, whom I had long conversations with Lee to stop. Lee is now a completely subordinate role. I eat after Charles (or D or D) runs in me, and then sucks to clean and takes him hard again. Carlos Lee also shaved and happy to be naked, while in the house. Only allowed to cum once a week. Charles lets cum after he grabbed me and Lee always shoots a huge ninaporn load. We watch as he licks, it's a super twist for me. Sometimes, Charles Lee will jet of his semen on his penis and then havelick it off. This is driving me thought the roof. We are totally happy. I want all ninaporn the love I and my husband is very happy in his subservient role, and I've even tried two bi experiences, which I loved. This is pretty much my story so far. I hope to have more adventures in 2004. I never thought I had a ' bitch' in real life, but I love it! And that's not a bad word ninaporn for me! lol Smooches in 2004 nicole nikkfiun
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